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The Third Culture Illusive Home

It’s the 21st century now. We passed into the second millennium of our calender 11 years ago, and today that amazing step in history is old and forgotten news. But to some of us, that transition has been an important landmark. Some of us, and it’s really not many, have spent our lives hopping from country to country, growing up in lands that are foreign to the lands our parents call home. Our parents, who have shared in the experiences of constantly moving along side us, never experienced the same things we did. We saw the same places, we lived in the same houses, and we experienced the same cultures. But we lived in two completely different worlds. Our parents, born and raised as citizens of their homeland, could return home on a dime and fit right back into the culture of their youth, while we, the cultural mixing pots, have grown up in so many vastly different worlds that the country from which we hail has no meaning beyond the fact that it’s the place that our passport says we belong. Some of us today are in our fifties. Some of us are older still. Some of us are only just now traveling the world as children, building our cultural mock-ups. However, we all share one thing, we are all Third Culture Kids. Continue reading