The Illusive Home, Published

To all my readers,

I want to thank everything for taking the time to read and support me as I developed The Illusive Home. Without you as readers, commenting on the development and supporting the story, I would not have managed to get the collection to where it is today. I have pulled the blog, and have made the collection available on Amazon’s Kindle eBook services for the low cost of $2.99.

UK Kindle: Buy The Illusive Home here

US Kindle: Buy The Illusive Home here

EU Kindle: Buy The Illusive Home here

I do not want my readers to feel as though I have abandoned them, however! I am still writing free content about TCK life, available at:

Third Culture Kid Life

If any of the readers of The Illusive Home, those of you that commented and helped me develop the collection, would like a free copy of The Illusive Home, feel free to email me and I’ll have one sent to you. You have been fantastic readers, and I appreciate everything you have done to help me develop it.


James R. Mitchener


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